The ability to reach millions, probably billions of users using just your laptop and some skills is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is one the best ways to market your business online. But interestingly enough, most people don’t know what this actually means. In order to keep up with consumers, it’s important to know what digital marketing is, why it’s important for your small business, and how you can carry out a successful campaign. Digital marketing makes it possible to show your Ads to the targeted audience right on their mobile phones, laptops/desktops, smart TVs or their tablets. There are 2 major divisions in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is described by using different digital techniques and channels to communicate with consumers where they spend most of their time: online. From the site itself to a company's online promotional resources like SEO, digital advertisements, inbound marketing,email marketing , organic marketing, online brochures, and a number of tactics fall under the category of digital marketing. The highest quality marketers have a strong vision of how their overall goals are achieved by and digital marketing campaign. And marketers can fund a bigger campaign through the free and paid platforms open to them, depending on the aims of their marketing plan.

Digital marketing refer to a marketing that done by digitally through electronic mode. Online business is a great initiative to grow your business more rapidly. Following are the types of digital marketing :

1. Search engines optimization.
2. Search engines marketing.
3. Socia media marketing, etc.
Now a days each & every one in the nation are using social media platforms. For growing business we need customers connectivity & this connectivity is done only through social media platform by sharing post, inviting people, etc.

1. Organic - You spend time, not money.
2. In Organic - Where businesses pay to achieve goals. Our smartphones are nothing but advertising screens for the advertisers, who display Ads which are customized to your personality.
1.Facebook - We use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whats app, “n number” of times throughout our day. Facebook takes this opportunity to serve us very targeted advertisements.
● You can target people based on their age, gender, city, the mobile phone they use, the network they are on - 4G, 3G, wifi.
● The college they went to, the year they graduated in.
● Their buying habits/behavior on the internet.
● Their likes, dislikes and a lot of interesting points.
Running Ads on Facebook is all about experimenting madly to find the right niche. There are different types of Ads that you can run on Facebook. But let’s not get into the details for this answer.

2. LinkedIn - People on LinkedIn are usually professionals. So you’ll mostly find businesses selling their software - Sales automation, Marketing automation, HR Services, Web development.

I haven’t experimented with LinkedIn Ads yet.
3. Twitter - Usually content websites, news websites and online magazines advertise actively on Twitter. I haven’t experimented with Twitter Ads yet.

4. Quota - We majorly write answers to drive traffic to our website. It takes efforts, not money in doing so.

5. Instagram - Giveaways and other campaigns are actively used by people to gather eyes to their page.
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