Digital marketing as the very word describes is the marketing or advertising of products or services digitally to reach mass customers. The digital tools used include social media handles; emails, search engines and websites.

Why Digital Marketing:-

Digital Marketing came into existence with the advancement in technology. With the constant surge in usage of Internet and Social media sites among people to stay updated and informed; businesses chose digital marketing over physical marketing like billboards or flyers. PROS OF DIGITAL MARKETING Lower Cost of Advertising Brand Awareness and Reputation Higher Return on Investments Eye on Competitors Strategic Investment and Planning Lead Generation Digital Marketing is a vast field and includes many procedures and techniques for effective and optimal implementation and returns. The various categories used in Digital Marketing are as follows:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) EMAIL Marketing Lead Generation Content

Digital Marketing has become an inherent prospect of marketing among businesses People trust these platforms to learn about brands and build a reputation. Digital Marketing comes so many strategies and tactics to monitor the revenues and returns of campaigns.
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