Work from home is basically doing work at home and generating income.The work from home is a great advantage to women who stay at home after getting married, old people who want to make some money by being at home, people who cannot go out and work due to many other personal problems.

Work from home has got its own advantage and disadvantage also. Advantages are work time flexibility, working at comfort, own working time etc.

Disadvantages are no exposure to working environment,no colleague friends,etc.

But in pandemic type of situation the work from home option has helped to a greater extent. Thanks to the technology that has made work from home possible. There are many works that can be done from home like data entry,online teaching , YouTube videos making, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, blogging etc.

We can choose our area of interest and work from home and make decent amount.

1. A lead is when a person signs up on a website or gives the website his phone number and permission to call.

2. A sale is normally when somebody purchases a product/service

A lead is one step away from a sale and is paid significantly lower per action than an actual sale but however it has greater volume as users are relatively comfortable with giving emails and then purchasing something.

Many e-commerce websites, insurance companies etc. need sales for which they tie up with affiliate networks. These are aggregators who bridge the supply and demand gap of consumers by contacting websites with traffic and thus directing the users to affiliate merchants who are in need of customers.

The aggregator gets paid from each merchant at the end of the month or 60 days depending on the agreement. The website owner gets paid by the aggregator for sales from all merchants that he has generated  in 30-60 days. The profit from the sale exceeds the commission paid out to the affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is the process through which an organisation earns a commission to market the products of another person or firm. The affiliate certainly tries to find for a product they appreciate, then promotes that product and earns a portion of the profit from each product they sell. The buyers are tracked from one web page to another via the affiliate programs.
Since affiliate marketing operates by spreading brand marketing and development responsibility and accountability across parties, it controls to leverage the skills of a range of groups for a more effective marketing campaign while offering a cut of the profits to founders. Three separate groups must be required to make this work:

‌1.Product makers and sellers.
‌2.The Affiliate or Announce
‌3.The consumer.

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Work from home is more comfortable than other jobs. The worker can save their time and do much more work side by side like household work. It's very comfortable to do work at home as we work with the comfort of our home. Nowadays many types of jobs are available online. Working from home provide freedom to the worker that they can also do some other tasks such as shopping, tutoring, laundering, and many more task. Working from home is as similar as the employer can do at their job platform. Employers provide a monthly stipend for their work from the company in which they are currently working. In today's life many types of online working jobs are available. Some of which are as follows.

1. Social media marketing.
2. Data entry.
3.YouTube marketing.
5. Content writing.
6. By selling products online.
7. Internships.
8. Copy/paste work.

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